4G And LTE: Is it One?

When you are logging in to the internet by using the mobile phone, the speed it takes to open the pages makes it easy to use the internet. When 4G is spoken, it is the most widely used browser-based web site that allows you to send data and demographic information. What is 4G here? And what is LTE? What’s the difference between them?

What is 4G?
4G is the fourth century of knowledge of how to exchange information through a micro-tech, usually known as the 4th Generation. This year’s Radiocommunication Standardization Sector of the International Telecommunication Union (ITC) provides the standards that require broadcasters to complete before the phone is in the 4G level.

The most popular nation that uses the 4G network is North America, and Gearbest sells 4G freezers. Although some of their business partners do not have this opportunity to be 4G not everywhere in this country, one must come to the site of the 4G process before obtaining a robot.

Most users claim 4G if such phones come where this network is only their smartphones to show them 3G, but it does not matter if your phone answers 4G every time you sign in to the 4G network network you will be able to return using 4G strong.

Sharing through 4G is the fastest way for a 3G user. 4G LTE wireless broadband and also doubled 3G quick exchange information ten times. The maximum LTE data is up to 12Mbps, transmitting data and up to 5Mbps, which downloads content from the internet sometimes up to 50Mbps. With quick transmission of data and 4Gs of less than 100Mbps, when one is in a position where the network is fast and fast down, it brings 1Gbs.

What is LTE?
LTE means Long Term Evaluation consistently and 4G LTE. Although people view LTE as 4G LTE is one of the 4G’s functions or 4Gs, only LTE can put it into the newest generation of Internet and phone.

This LTE technology is a joint venture of telecommunication information organizations to improve the availability and availability of databases that are called 3GPP or 3rd Generation Partnership Project.

So LTE is just going to encourage GSM / UMTS to receive information and communications through the phone, so that the goal of doing this LTE is to get a powerful Digital Signal Processing (DSP) .

LTE is not 4G
Although most LTE users expect it to be 4G, in our previous case, LTE is not 4G.

The problem and deception since the beginning of the LTE is the 4G-LTE version but the problem is that this LTE technology does not meet the requirements of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) organization.

So it’s LTE you can call it with the 4G battery since its speed is greater than 3G but not up to 4G. Because the ITU’s theory is that it must be at the first level that the ability to access and online data is 100Mbps. Due to LTE’s lack of commitment and level 3G is 3GPP and generates a new law called LTE-Advanced.

What is LTE Advance
LTE advanced approach is the 4G system in 3GPP version. This increased in late 2009, but in the meantime, LTE himself was on the eighth or eighth century at his place of worship, resulting in the world’s acceptance, even though the world still did not comply with the LTE Advanced Terms of Reference.

LTE Advanced is now 10 years old and includes the law and standards ITU assigns to 4G and LTE Advanced now brings 1Gbps to exchange information.

Right now we speak most of the companies we use to access the Internet or Internet Service Provider using 3G and LTE can also be understood by the mark it displays in creating your phone because it writes power network. But it’s 4G especially we in Nigeria but maybe in the future.

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