Computer Virus – Details on how to operate in the machine

The virus virus has spread or even appeared in the late 1980’s, before which no one knows anything about viruses. There are three other factors that are considered to have infected the virus, and these are the following:

  1. The first reason is that not everybody knows that there is anything in the computer, some people hear about it in the media, and in the 1980s when there are so many of these devices we see They are everywhere around the world, such as those we see in our homes, offices, hospitals, and so on. These types of devices include those called Personal Computer or PC in short (Your Device).

They are those basic devices that you can not see in the homes and places we mentioned (because of their size), are not so many that someone can say that they are not getting anywhere but not very important. At the end of the season, the airport was no less than just developed countries. This year’s 1980s is the year the world will never forget, especially the Computer World, because this year companies such as IBM (International Business Machine) and companies such as Apple Macintosh started manufacturing this device Your PC (PC) is currently known. So this year, there was a lot of machine in the world, as the machine was expanding and some people began to develop some programs to steal the device.

  1. The second reason is; When the use of the device is used to call the phone, people use the Bulleted Board with modern to download small programs from the Internet. At the moment because of the discovery of this new technology (because it can not be done), people use this opportunity to capture Games from the internet in their devices. All at this time, there were some types of programs such as Word Processing Program and Spreadsheet and other similar programs. The Bulleted Board is being used to assist him with a Trojan Horse program. Trojan Horse program has a nice name, and it stores information when downloading something from the Bulleted Board which is accessed from the Internet when there is a chance Trojan Horse is bundled with it unless it is Get started with your device or start up something wrong. The solution is to erase everything on your computer.
  2. A third reason for creating a Virus is the appearance of Floppy Disk. At the time in the 1980s, the program was only one or two of the OS and other programs that could get into one or two Floppy Disks (the Floppy Disk level is 3.5Mb), then see everything that is said to be a program and enter it. Floppy is an easy-to-use browser. In the previous versions of the Hard Disk are some if you download them and then install the Floppy Disk and set up and all the programs that you will use are within it. Since OS can stay in the Floppy Disk, it creates a Virus to damage the OS or the program stored in it.

At that time their own Virus is not just like now, nor does they exceed two or more of the same written scripts, such as Word Processing and other popular games. (once they realize that this program people are worried about using it, they only apply to Virus that will ruin it). So if someone gets into the web site, he goes to the Bulleted Board and sees a new program or games and sees what work he is doing, if he is satisfied with his job, if he is downloading it into his machine to do it. Do it because it is a small matter, and the Code is small enough to simply find your device a few unreasonable people you do not know. An even annoying program does not apply to the virus, on the site being sponsored once you use Floppy to capture a program and then click on the Floppy and start corrupting your product through look at everything in the content, if you see a program that can damage it and start working. Sometimes, it will not damage any of your files, it will repeat itself, until it sets up the device, or takes a single file at any time (Raila Odinga) . Without notice, the virus has filled your device. Of course, Virus is that when someone comes with Floppy Disk, it works for you, or comes to take action in your device, if this virus exists then it will fall into this Floppy Disk with the owner did not know. If it is put into the device, the virus will be infected with such a virus. With this the virus spread throughout the world in a very short time.

People understand how to control or control their device, and viruses are launching a new way of spreading it and how it can damage the device. Among the successes of the virus is that they have the ability to install the Virus into the Memory of the Machine so that you do not have a Virus virus virus, and then the virus is getting worse, or spread on it. As soon as this Virus is able to access the Computer Memory as it is finished, it will continue to spread itself if this device is switched on. This adds to the virus’s intensity of power, and people are becoming increasingly concerned about the type of virus that is being done by Virus.

The virus is a virus, which corrupts or damages a program (because a virus is being sent specifically to damage a program) that the machine uses to make an important task. For example, there is a place where you are referring to Boot Sector (where the device stores everything needed to fly or kill itself). So, only these viruses are expected, and the signal they are making when they get into Boot Sector will have to hope for these products, when they finish, and you have finished working at this time and have killed it, then , if you come back later to raise her, she says I’m taking you to a place where you keep me, meaning it will not wake up again and you will continue your job. Of the importance of this Boot Sector is part of the program that tells the other program in your device how to work as needed.

An annoying thing is that whenever a person takes Floppy Disk into a device that has such a Virus, then pick it up and put it in your device that you need to use it. It does not matter why the virus is causing this disease. That’s why you can see that Virus is most commonly available at universities and computer shops because in most places Floppy Disk is used to take and carry out various tasks.

Well, with the virus entering Boot Sector or coming up with the program, the statement was dismissed, because in those last years the program was being taken in floppy just as we mentioned earlier, which we said even OS is entering in one or two floppy. But at this point, keep in mind, because today all the programs they use are more likely to get into the Floppy Disk because they are older. The virus goes into Boot Sector, because at that time all OS companies are involved in a special program that is responsible for monitoring Boot Sector. Virus’s Word through Floppy Disk is just a bit unsuccessful at this time and it’s hard to imagine anyone’s use it, and all the programs that anyone will buy will be downloaded on CDs or DVDs and they will be free of charge. can join them. Only if their company’s program is a virus (or the following program of stealing and crack). But if the virus is too hard for you to get it installed on your CD or DVD program, Although there is currently Floppy Disk software that also spreads Virus is the Flash Drive, because it works as Floppy and it’s more Floppy problem because it can handle any kind of virus and it can take a lot of virus .

But you know, too, that the virus that goes into memory or Boot Sector, who are not able to enter, can enter but can not advertise themselves as they can, because of the special care given to protect the device from damage.

The virus launched a new drug in 1999 when a virus sponsored by Email in combination with Ms Word File was transmitted to Melissa.

In March 1999 Melissa Virus was introduced into the file with Ms Word, and Melissa saw how he was doing the same.

A man created Melissa and posted it in the Word Word Document and posted it on the Internet at a Newsgroup platform, a place where people would go in because investments were being poured out as important information that people would use. to repair or learn a job similarly. So, like other Virus designers, this person uses a site that binds this document that is incorporated into a Macro-based text that their Ms Word-based company has provided for users to access the program. a special skill that a person can make in his program to do a special job, which other programs do not do. Since people have recently entered Interner and have entered the Newsgroup forum, and something similar to the virus has never been posted on the Ms Word file unless it is just downloaded into their favorites to see what this document contains. with it.

Does Melissa Virus Really Serve?
Once a person opens this document, he will not see anything and will not understand what is happening, but underground this document will erase this macro and then go to where you store contacts and access to your device. (which many of the people in this country do not know where to save phone numbers and names, pictures, email addresses and similar items on Computer). If you are saving such names, Melissa has taken over 50 names, which has taken this document that has been sent by this virus to 50 people and has put your address in your email as a whole. who visited this email and knew who sent the email, and you trusted there and knew that you would not send a virus. He did not stand there, but those 50 people who sent him would also send fifty men to send this document to them, so Melissa Virus has filled the world. Experts say that in the history of virus, viruses have never been spread in a short period of time and have filled the world like Melissa.

Among the goals of Melissa’s bloggers is that many companies stop using email, and they have succeeded because, when detected by Melissa’s terrorists, major companies have to sell their email boxes for Melissa He mounted on their devices (and their devices did not know how many people were using it).

As we noted earlier, this Melissa Virus is using the Macro of the Ms Word Document, which is the Macro, Code is not limited to the modes written by VBA (Visual Basic for Application), this section is I have written an easy-to-use program for any application of Microsoft Word to operate in particular. They use it and donate the Macro, which once you open this document to read it, it just starts scratching. Although Melissa Virus is not the only Virus that has been transmitted via email.

I hate your Virus; The virus was detected on May 4, 2000, after a year and a month after Melissa’s appearance. This Virus I Love You, Free Melissa, because it’s an email that will be sent to you in your email address, then this attachment contains some minor code, or smaller program that once you have Double click, then start scanning all the people in your browser all of which contain them, send the Virus and then start capturing your important files and programs in the device. The strength I Love You Virus reaches where it reaches and stops the device completely and can not move. So this is the easiest thing the Virus can do.

As a result, the Microsoft company, the most commonly used in Typing and its affiliates, has set up a platform, which this system will prevent any VBA virus used and recorded with one of their applications will protect it from Virus. This process is called Micro Virsus Protection. If once the ear is on (that is, it’s working) then no Virus will come in this way and harm your product.

Sadly, though, people are forgetting or discriminating against this MVP, when he announces the message that “knowing this document contains VBA on it” instead of trying to find out the message, it’s just a matter burst it down, others even after such a message hit them and ask how the message is being killed so that it does not appear later. This is one of the most common mistakes that people face, when they see a message that affects them so they want to find out what this message is really not in the form of anonymity. You should be well cared for and be cautious !!!

Virus and Worm (Worms) are not known for malfunctioning the device, but they are not the only ones that can cause the risk of your device’s health. Malware is also one of the factors that can harm the device and its health. Here are some of the Malware users that can harm your machine’s health.

Adware; This is a function that provides you with ads on your device from the internet, which is not just a matter of demanding such advertisements.

Spyware; and this type of virus is that it is exploring important data from your device or the privacy that you store in a device such as Password, Document as well as Credit Card passwords and other important things that are unique to you . If he searches or does not stand here, he will send those who make it to use it or steal your bank account (since e-banking).

Hijackers; This virus captures your device’s control, once it gets started, then you have no chance

Dialers; This is a virus that will compel your device to call the phones if you are controlling any other product that you use to make an answering machine on the device. For example, you are using the MTN Modem and it is also used after the internet and you can use it to call it. So only this virus will use this modem to upload a booklet to your device and keep track of your currency numbers.

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