Most people now use social media or challenging arguments to push messages in their smartphones rather than using a known method of sending a message known as (SMS).

Do not create a hall of debate for many people.
Most email delivery applications provide the number of people you can send to a group chat. While others allow access and optimization from the number they set out it is not our privilege to build houses and debates. Being in the role of WhatsApp forums allows you to make up to 190 people as members does not mean that you have to put everyone in it.

Of course, the chat group is easy to send a message to many people at the same time, because within it we can send pictures, videos and sometimes even documents that can be uploaded, and this is why it is appropriate. Let’s tell people ten things we should not use when dealing with people at the forum.

Even if you have created this hall to inform us of a meeting or a Muhad or a talk, sometimes it will surprise you if you announce a message that you need to speak calmly and find those who do not know the importance of this hall. may send the message ‘or’ or ‘okey’.

Do not place people you do not know at the chat group
It is important to make people well known to everyone in the group chat. I do not want to talk to you anymore and I do not want to get my phone number, this is one of the reasons why it is not appropriate to take any of your belongings into your phone numbers box and place them in the grouph chart. . Being sure that everyone you put on the chart will have the opportunity to see the person in the list that this would not be fun for.

It is important that you talk to everyone in the group chat without a single person. The place to talk to you two is better if you are staying at the group chat. The talk everyone in the hall needs to hear is being done in the hall.

It is good to be able to chart and bring content that is appropriate where appropriate, and chatting is done with the content of collaboration, mutual support, and the like. You will be able to cope with the task you’ve been able to reach, and you can easily get rid of it and get rid of it.

Are you discussing school-related issues so that you can be more comfortable with each other? Whether you are discussing the issue of your last session, everything that does not apply to the setup content, you should not enter any keywords to provide the content.

If you are chating to do the specifications and comments you are writing with and confirm everything you write and get it from an effective server. Trying to get a simple look lets you keep writing from some of the tabs or sites and place them in your own room without identifying the truth.

Do not ignore it

Despite the forum’s content you have the ability to write what you want, it is not possible for you to write a text message or delete something that someone has said. Should not write what you should not have in the forum to discuss some of the things you do not need. For example, you will find a religious hall where the theme of the game is released, or a discussion hall on how to improve your health. Some people talk about love or the like.

Do not keep silent
Being quiet when discussing important issues is a problem for many people in the rooms, whenever it is printed with a very important slogan and everyone needs to be able to comment on it. The idea is, not to do something wrong and to sit back and forth later.

Do not hit one word as an answer
For easy texture, do not send word word because it can take a lot of meaning or give it a different idea and what you mean.

Do not send a message when it is not necessary
If you do not call on someone in the morning or even a lifetime, you would call him there tonight. If it is not convenient to send a message when not before or after a breakup, then use this template for message transmitters.

One can only transmit transmitters when it is inappropriate that the device has an immediate emergency that affects another’s life. Then send back a message that will prevent or miss any sleep.

Go to the hall once an interview has been opened for it.
This is a thing that many people do not understand, since open doors are open for some time especially those open to ensure that a homework is held to support some people or the type of student the student will open for to discuss the situation. As soon as the goal of opening this hall was finished, everyone would leave the hall, meaning that the hall was closed because the purpose of the opening was already over. If it is considered appropriate to continue talking about some information it is good to inform members or to take a real look at it and not just do it secretly.

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