Facebook With Bollywood Journalists

Among the things that hit me in the background and made me feel proud of the spread and development of the social network, there was a growing new market of journalists, but I was shocked. The existence of Internet technology is a very important process that you sometimes get up to, and you’ll find your audience, and this is why the situation is very high. What I mean is that Internet users have now been found in the media and in the name they are also “journalists”.

First of all, those who work this work will have no office for themselves where you can find them. And they do not have the format of the data, or the content they found (or encountered on the Internet). In short, they do not have the “Editorial Board,” which is responsible for reporting any information made by an official before it is transmitted. What the reader would probably be surprised is that only one person or other “gay” group is browsing the news; not a process, not a bit, not a theory.

Secondly, you will find that they do not have a web site (Website) where you can find out who they are. Thirdly, they do not have a registered corporation. Fourth, the site that they use in executing the project does not exceed Facebook, Twitter, or any other features.

Fifth, which is the most dangerous, you’ll find those professionals in the media industry, most of them at the Social Media website publishing the news, too. Once they say they are looted in their community, they are obliged to kidnap the story and spread it. If he put the picture in the picture right now, they all will spread. Sometimes they do not wait until something happens, once they hear rumors, they just spread on Facebook, especially. They mention local and local names, as well as other names of some people who hear rumors. There was someone who spread a rumor, did not happen, said the incident. He mentions the city’s name and neighborhood, surprisingly, one of the residents sent him an Inbox message that he was in the area, but nothing happened. The “journalist” said he would further investigate. Can he get it again, how? It is easy to give patience, an error occurred.


  1. Not all the news you see published in the name of a company like a journalist or media player will be considered as authentic, especially if not publicly known;
  2. Never stop spreading (through “sharing”) stories from these types of computers, without asking for confirmation. If you do, you will be a liar, if what they say is false;
  3. Lastly, it is unlawful that one should formulate an inappropriate form, to search for or to search the world. If nobody understands, Allah knows, and whatever a person possesses in this way he will eat is haram, and Allah will pay it a ransom on the Day of Resurrection.

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