How is Your Password And How Should That Be

How do you type your password in your email address? Or facebook or twitter as well as any other web site you are logging in. If you have attempted to write simple numbers such as 123456, or 98654, or use a popular name in your password such as salut, Abraham, or even add your favorite name like Fatima, or Aisha , or take the text of love words such as iloveyou, fatimamylove or overkyou, I am sure that your password will be easy to find out if it does not make it hard for hackers to log in because it says that or send you the virus into your pages.

Here’s how you should write your password
Reading 10 characters (10)
It contains small letters and older ones in it
It contains special textbooks
There were numbers in them
Do not include the name of the parent, or the uterus, and the like
Do not use well-known words, such as iloveyou, ihateyou, what, and so on

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