How to Download a Video From YouTube

Before we explain the steps that are being followed to download videos from YouTube, please click here to download some of the terms and conditions for downloading this YouTube homepage.

This YouTube company is owned by Google’s largest department of service, in which we now have no home or site in the world that keeps moving moving videos like YouTube, so it’s the most popular feature for YouTube. viewing most popular images, and is the third party to visit on all the sites.

Because it is estimated that over one billion people use this YouTube site. and in 2014 the company received $ 4 billion USD (4 USD USD), as well as the Digital Marketing Statistics (DMR) estimates that every 4 billion video daily is viewed daily. .

In September 2011, the company has made a commitment until now, that they will release a software that will allow users of your mobile phone access to YouTube free of charge without using the internet, as soon as you open it video before you turn off the internet. This is their goal, yet it is not yet clear.

But if you look at most of the videos in the computers and their smartphones you will find that they are downloaded from YouTube. Well, this is because, just before a private school is started on the Internet, many people are publishing them on YouTube so that people can look at them. That is why YouTube has become a source of good and bad weather. Because almost all the education that one wants to learn will be difficult to get into the YouTube site does not find it. Sometimes it is this site that publishes large newspapers and television broadcasts that use it as a platform for the public to use it or revisit it.

That’s why any video is available in YouTube, such as reading, sports, entertainment, alert and similar, and all of them being longer and longer. At one point you will find one person holding more than 2,000 video clips on his page, and you find that he has followers or viewers more than millions of characters.

A unique YouTube history
YouTube is one of the most widely used web-based sites, video-sharing website, and video-sharing sites for others, and has a Hedkway in San Bruno, California, USA. Three young people Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim made the site on February 14, 2005, after leaving a job at a PayPal company. From 2005 to 2006 they have the responsibility to own everything on the YouTube site until Google recognizes the importance of this site and its popularity with people, purchases it with a mortgage payment amount to USD Billing 1 and $ 650 million ($ 1.65 billion) in September 2006.

From right: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim

A page that allows people to record videos for people to optimize or to publish on or out of web sites on their social networks. Computers and phones are also used for viewing them, such as WebM and H.264, MPEG-4 and AVC and Adobe Flash Player.

There are various video clips such as sports, media publishing, video clips, movies, lectures, videos for learning and so on.

Much of the videos on YouTube are publicly posted, but there are also many popular home-based restaurants such as CBS, BBC and VOA.

Anyone who is not registered with YouTube can not only watch, but the subscriber can view it, he can also upload it to the video for others, it can link to a video player on YouTube every time he uploads it. a new video to be introduced directly (Subcribe), and then can comment on the video provided and the opportunity to comment on it.

All YouTube videos have no problem in watching it as long as they do not paint animated videos or those that contain dangerous pictures, such as killers or what the smallest ones should not do. In such videos you must tell YouTube that you are 18 years old before you see such a bomb.

The YouTube site gets its credentials by inserting advertisements on videos that are viewed by people, and provides ownership of 55% of their subscribers. For example, in 2013 companies offering YouTube advertisements pay $ 6.60 US dollars, watching video or broadcasting 1000 times, indicating that anyone who has allowed YouTube to post ads on the video uploaded to their site can get 0.5x $ 7.60 × 55% = N2.09 this system was used in 2013.

The YouTube site may try to prevent people from uploading videos that are not your own copyright, such as the browser version of which almost all of the YouTube-based videos that uploaded it are valid.

Is it just a person to download the Video in YouTube?
It does not matter if someone downloads a video from YouTube so that it can be used for self-reproduction without changing it or changing it in another way. But it is wrong for a person to download any video in YouTube and then use it on a television or print it or for sale.

According to google’s website on the YouTube website, “You are not allowed to use the Video here but for your benefit, not for money, you will not be able to find out (copy) , redirect it, not rabbi, do not show it on television, do not trade it, use it anywhere unless authorized by YouTube “. Feeling like this kind of law shows us that if someone uploads a video from YouTube and wants to use it to become self-reliant or his own, then there is no fault.

So when we look at how to use it with some other fans, we can see how our people download video from this home and try to seduce it, this is just a crime. It is one of the laws that apply to it, saying that if someone does not use the internet, at least direct, they do not even allow it to download it for viewing.

Video uploading from YouTube brings this company a failure to their businesses. Many people ask us whether such sites as google, facebook or YouTube are what they are? Let’s tell them that our site uses their sites, which is their profit because major companies around the world are considering the number of people entering the Internet, and that is why they are being given ads.

What is the reason why video clips are not directly posted on YouTube?
As we said, in 2014, Google received a $ 4 billion worth of N900,000,000 from the bills on YouTube. This profit is due to the ads that appear on the video when viewed by someone.

This is the reason why sometimes someone wants to watch YouTube and then wait for a few minutes to view ads before choosing or continue to watch or go to the video you are looking for look at it. The problem is that when people download it to the video, the company does not have to earn money, so it makes them a company that does not want anyone to send it down.

We do not make a long-term statement, as long as all the billions in our phones will be left on the pages that simply exceed the rates they receive will be the same as their earnings in 2014. But despite all so many people are trying to see how to download these videos on their laptop and phones so that they can benefit them at some time.

Why does the video have MB?

The reason is because video clips are collected in one place. The way it is, any video that you see from one to one-minute from one picture to 25 to 60 pictures. If you look at an image device for example Camera in your phone, you will see after it has been written number before Pixel rubber number, eg 2 Mega Pixel. This megapixel protein is well-valued and the size of the camera can be photographed.

If your camera camera has a 5-megapixel ringtone you want to know that your phone is able to take a single picture and then have a 5 million-digit drop in it. Pixel’s right to photography means a pair of pins or a hole in which a picture can be a picture in it. Therefore, if your cell phone or camera is being charged with a single 2Mb charge, then if it takes a single video, then add 2mb x 25 = 120mb.

In short, most of the videos we watch are two-dimensional, PAL and NTSC, a video taken from PALs in each of the world’s most widely available photographs, which have also been used with NTSC technology for pictures 29 to 30 in each case. It does not mean that when the camera captures the images you are joining with the sound which also has its weight.

This is why the video is the weight of being a collection of pictures and sounds combined in one place.

Use a completely different video placement from YouTube
What Are Us Used To Download Youtube Video On Computer Or Mobile Phones?
We can not calculate the volume of large and medium-sized software available in the free download of video clips on the Internet or on the YouTube site. Note here is that the presence of any person on the internet, especially the google page, has written a queries to find out how to do something, and hundreds of questions will explain that if someone is not familiar, then he rude or kidnapped, missed that was the correct answer.

In this exercise we will not give you the same name as the software, especially the private software, because most of them are paying for their use, or in the privacy of them to complete your computer and some bog boxes that will You are tempted to say that there are viruses in your computer or are not in the hurry.

There are many internet sites that they are responsible for, if someone visits them and sees any video on the internet he is interested and wants to download it and then upload a video link, and link it to that page. and they give it a link that will be used to download it.

After all, these sites are numerous, and it is also noteworthy, because some people hide hidden software for viruses and their computers. That is why in this case I will take the easiest and easier way to get people information about how to download this video.

Your Account Can Conquer Your Sites.

Among the things most popular by video translators is that of the newcomers, what is the amount of video I download? This is so, because whenever a video is sent to WhatsApp, you hear that it will download it for MB (Megabyte).

Well, anyone who wants to download a video in YouTube should know that MB is crying, and sometimes it’s a long run. YouTube has a good video recorder from 240p (prograssive scan) up to 8K (Ultra High Definition), which shows us that one can win from MB 3 to a great deal to watch or download and a video from YouTube.

So depending on how much you want your video, if you want to download a good video to know you need more MB, and how many videos the video contains, the size or size of the MB can be won.

Use a completely different video placement from YouTube
Even if these tips we can use can be used to download any video that is available to anyone on the Internet as long as it can view it directly, but we will add it to the YouTube site but if you want to use it on a site then use the method we mentioned.

Use SaveFrom.Net Helper
This is an easy-to-use software that is customized in every add-ons. This small software is one of YouTube’s most popular video games. This software is used for downloading any videos that feature YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more than 140 pages through one blog.

You will be logged in to this site (
The page opens and will give you a few clicks (Download) until you hit it.
It will download this software and will understand which browser you use to download it. Since we say this software is a supplement to the browser that is add-ons, it does not grow.
Once it is finished, open the location or download it through the scanner that it has expired from your browser, so it will show you the screen to confirm that you want to install (installing) this software. By clicking the button yes.
It will then bundle this add-on by adding it to any browsing software, such as Opera, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and any other browser that you use in your computer.
It will seek to lock any open-ended browser, to ensure that your performance is correct, and then open it again.
All the video you want to download just open it you’ll first start to play (playing), starting you will find another button next to the number of people subscribing to the page before the number of viewers downloaded the download button. Play the bottom and just click it.
If you’ve uploaded a video to a home as if you had uploaded a facebook link, you would have to add a small enclosure above to your video system from FLV, MP4, and here you will see the download button but This clip from the top of the side and no arrow in your body until you touch it, will give you the quality or quality of the video you want to download and just start down.
The best quality of the video you can download can be downloaded from FLV 240p, MP4 360p, MP4 720p, MP4 480p, WebM 360p, 3GP 144p, 3GP 240p and MP4 128kbps. These are the kind of video clips to download, you have one of the options, the maximum number of MB capabilities, for example, the smallest of them when we remove MP4 128kbps, 3GP144p is very low and most effective. All quality and weight is MP4 720p.

But if someone wants to download a video that is called HD (High Definition) or sound MP3 player since MP4 sounds are not used by any computer or phone.

Use the Ummy Video Downloader to download HD or MP3 from YouTube
Ummy Video Downloader is a software that is customized on your browser such as SafeFrom.Net Helper but allows you to download video clips that are extremely high in HD and MP3 format.

You will enter the Ummy Video Downloader site in this way (, and then click Download (Download).
You will have to wait until you install it (installing) into the computer.
If you open the youtube page and find out the video you want to download, you can copy the link to open the Ummy Video Downloader software and then insert this link to allow you to download all of the video features you are browsing including High Defination and MP3.
Another time will give you an opportunity at the bottom of the video you open at SaveFrom.Net Helper and choose HD or MP3.
This method is one of the methods b

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