Let’s Not Give Them! Facebook Most Responds to African Call

After the terrorist attack in France on Friday, November 13, 2015, many people have not been affected that Facebook’s social networking did a map in which the French flag changes the picture of a person.

People around the world expressed their disappointment about this deadly attack on Friday, but on the other hand, a worldwide claim for Facebook’s claim has been made to appeal to the French government. Be good

They ask people and ask them that many of them are especially harmful to the Arab and African people, especially because they see the type of blood transfers that daily in every area Perform, but also in individual form. Things happen that this company has never been shown.

He mentioned a famous Jafar Jafar writer who wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, who was the head of the company who was worried and did not understand that he did not show it to the people of Africa, especially But when it was believed that people had yet to die 13,000 in Boko Haram attacks in North Nigeria.

Not only the author who used to use this text by Mark Zuckberbröber using this call as a one of his prayers for the protection of the world using the hedge tag by converting his pictures into his pictures. used.

Safety test
This is the process, which was issued on Facebook on Wednesday, 18 November 2015 by Facebook after attacking at least 30 people in Aduda.

This is a process that gives a full view of the opportunity to inform the community and is surprised to be safe or unsuccessful.

It is not a small step to consider the popularity of ethnicity based on racism.

However, some people think that the design process does not end because it has not yet returned the system to the system that will allow you to change its image in the Nigerian flag. In his opinion, people think that racism is not appropriate, it should be said that the system is changing the picture, and they see that on the page they have been in search of the formation of France. . The person is inside, will talk.

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