Li-Fi: 224 Gig Emissions in One Thing

In a new test presented at the town center, the Gigabait 1-bit message message has successfully been sent in one single direction. This is a new feature that is expected to bring tremendous success in export and demanding issues soon after using the Wireless system.

Wi-Fi which is used at this time which is considered to be very fast in sending and sending data, in the new 5GHz mobile version of the Megabait 600-bit databases. in one thousand. This new Li-Fi system is expected to send data that weighs 224 pounds per inch.

The mode of operation and lighting of the Li-Fi technology transmission site

Li-Fi which you can call is a fuel type that we use in our homes, or the smallest one of the smallest insects in the short-circuits of the microscopic virus, but it is only slightly reduced to a nutrients and simplified cell phones. which will be used for sending data. This Li-Fi requires a specialized device to translate the message that this version will always make in the form that this category will automatically use the Binary system and this device translates it to data that one will use on the Internet.

Such cells are often called LED-emitting diode and are used for Li-Fi technology.
This is not a great success if considering the forecasts if the year 2019 is expected to be expected every month will cost approximately $ 37 billion Gigabait data, which indicates the need for this technology existence. Wi-Fi can not offer this.

Wi-Fi who uses the radio frequency transmission system has limited limitations and problems that depend on it, and this is why this is why one day it will never be used. and Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi problem here does not stop, because when someone is thinking of sending a message via Wi-Fi this way it’s having a hard way to handle it to reach the messaging message. This does not refer to the type of message a person will use with his or her computer or computer and computer. Here it is referred to as a wireless messaging application that is used for providing Internet users at the location.

This message that is being used wirelessly to send it has a problem with wall or keyboard that can block the path that it uses to reach its destination. If it comes to sending the data father to Wi-Fi then carefully.

Li-Fi, known as Light Fidelity, is part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum technology used by Radio Waves, but Li-Fi uses light technology as radio frequency wave 10,000,000.

How the Electromagnetic Spectrum technology works in the sending of the message
This means that Li-Fi can use unlimited limitations for sending messages. Instead of using the same method as Wi-Fi in sending a message, this technology uses a simple method that is more efficient than Wi-Fi, and then distributes itself up to thousands of homeboards for delivering it. message.

This Li-Fi technology will also use LED Light Lighting technology that we use to illuminate our rooms. For lightning if you activate it you see the light, but in fact the light does not stop, pushes itself up and switches itself so fast that the eye can not see the death of this fire.

This technology has emerged by German Professor Harald Haas, Professor at Edinburgh University in Amura, which explains how this new technology will work. Since 2011 he has introduced the first test at a major forum aimed at promoting technology development across the globe TED.

Herald Haas is considered the person who created this Li-Fi technology
Haas said what was needed was a little bit easier to send data. He said he noted that the use of Radio Mars and over 10 million in the United States and using over 8 billion mobile phones. He also saw how technological and technological development has always been achieved. Daily Increasing progress makes it think of how to restore electricity to another way to use it in sending and sending data.

He said people need this product that can add chemicals to the electronics we use daily and then you know that a portable device that can understand the message that this light sends to you and use it as a data log on the internet.

Nowadays, these species have already been developed to carry out the test of the evolution of this technology. However, Professor Haas said that this technology at least is not trying to buy Wi-Fi. If experts think that if this technology is clear there is nothing to do with Wi-Fi.

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