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These topics that we will discuss in this magazine are a series of impressive mirrors that require a long time to solve it or a long way to talk about it.

First of all, I would like the reader to know that his computer has many meanings, which almost every one thinks you can clear your mind or get rid of it from your computer.

The computer is a device that operates with electricity or batteries, which can be processed as a result of some of the instructions stored on the memory. Then you can download “Data” as input and then manage (Processing) this Data that is installed as desired, and then output (output), and then save it this outcome for tomorrow, or if this need arises in the future.

So, we can say that if we take this information as to how the computer is, it’s all the success that will not work except fire or battery as a computer, which includes machine, TV, radio, video ‘microwave’, ‘calculator’, ‘handset’ and similar. Unless we take the following statement, however, we will remove some of the products we have listed, which is said to be computer-sensitive. It is not the only source of fire that enters into it, but it can not receive a message, which it looks like any type of text, information, pictures, or video or how to download it, then see here the calculator, and the mobile phone comes in since it can be accessed and maintained.

However, not only does the web escape, nor does it just take data, the computer is responsible for managing this Data as it is provided as it is ordered, that when inserted it is required to repeat it. The result will not be further and will not be reduced. It may also result in the transmission of this information, whether outdoors or in it, after it does so and may save this Data or information provided for the future or for the purpose of resuming come in the future. That is why computer can not complete the computer unless it is able to do four (4) things if the machine can perform three or two of them and does not complete a computer, the following are:

She can receive a message (input)
She can manage it (Process)
It can export it (output)
And it can store it (Storage), which is in the form known as Information processing cycle.
In our study, I used to repeat the Specifications in Computer Science when said Data meant: Data is all that may be implicit in the computer, which applies to the word, sound, photos, or numbers, and are not prepared. So if you put them on the computer, then the computer controls them as information (information).

The user of the computer in the field is called the USER. Whenever you read an English version, the User Manual is repeated as the one who uses the computer software to manage it. Also the materials or products you use to operate in your computer are called HARDWARE, as well as hardware controls that you use to be called SOFTWARE. That is why the computer has two major components:

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