Social Media: The Importance of the Loan and the Daunts

All praise is due to Allah, the Exalted in Might, the All-Wise, the All-Wise, who informs people about the pen, informs people of what he does not know, creates a new era and guides people in this age and ways they will call on his path.

The peace and mercy of Allah be upon the Prophet of Mercy who told His Companions that “You know best about the material of this world,” the peace and mercy of Allah be upon him, his family and his Companions and those who faithfully followed him on the Day of Resurrection.

Social media in modern times is one of the most commonly used ways of delivering books or reading and teaching, listening or seeing things that affect our daily life. And the development of such modern communication systems increases their efficiency and redesigns.

In the context of Islam, these modern media often increase their interest in followers, and people who want to know how to practice religion or to find solutions to their past experiences, or to those who do not know the religion, want to know him or what this religion is saying, or to justify it by seeking to disrupt this religion, or to ask for what to say.

Most of our people who use these new methods use them improperly, or use them to meet their basic needs instead of using these methods to develop Islam and ‘ It’s a good one.

At the end of this brief article I will present (please Allah) I will talk about

What is the Social Network?
Social Media History
Using Social Media
Islam and Modern Technology
Distinguished Between Social Media and News Centers
Allowing Muslims and Islam to Live on Earth after 9/11 attacks
The victory of Islam after 9/11
Must have to enter social media
Workshop Training at Socail Media
Keeping language and pen on the internet
Pages that teachers should open or interact on the Internet
What is the Social Network?
Social Media (sites or software) is a way of use by interacting with people on the Internet for speaking through writing, social cooperation, exchange of ideas, and just like that.

Some of these sites (websites) or social media apps are focusing on forums, microblogging, business development or interaction between individuals ( social networking), social bookmarking, social curation, and emergency records (wiki).

These sites are used through learning, marketing and alerting, along with what you want and when you want.

These sites may be able to easily print text, or text, and paste them with motion or motion pictures, or allow people to save their pictures in the content of this site.

Social Media History
Social Media before 1900
If we say we will talk about the way to deal with people who are the target or media head of the media is a long way. But if we say we will link it to having a long-term deal with people and without being together in one place then we can speak at the time of the telegraph coming up which was created in 1792.

Telegraph at that time was used for sending a message written to a remote location, such as travel speed such as horse and other items. Although the manuscripts being transmitted at that time were not many.

The launch of the Mobile Phones in 1890 and the appearance of the Radio in 1891 has made considerable changes in interacting with people far away. Even though we have been talking about these issues, these Radio and Telephone phones have never been used but also known as changing systems, and features in their technologies.

Social media in the 20th century
Technology and asthma have changed many things in the 20th century unprecedented change. The first supercomputer was created in the 1940’s, and from that time onwards the engineers made it easy to find ways to make one computer easier to connect between her and her sister, which is why it has gotten her what we now call the internet.

The Internet at that time, such as the CompuServe, was created in the 1960’s, as the first email came out at this time. In the 1970’s the link between networking (networking) has increased in 1979, the UseNet company has initially started interacting with one another through a virtual newsletter.

In the mid-1980’s, computers used in our homes and services began to grow in homes where people’s interactions with people have become more and more common and have become everyday.

In 1988 the Internet was initially used as a text messaging center that we now call chating which has continued to rise up to the 1990s.

The first intangible web site and social media is the Six Degrees ( site, which was created in 1997. It now began to appear online sites that are currently writing on today’s web site. and always.

Social Media at this time
After displaying blogging sites, from that time on, social media began to grow and disappear on the internet. MySpace and LinkedIn sites in the early 2000s have become popular, as websites such as Photobucket and Flickr have become the first sites that allow people to photograph. In 2005 the YouTube site appeared.

In 2006 the Facebook and Twitter pages have appeared to the world’s people to use it. Whose sites are still the most popular sites up to our present time.

Using Social Media

By this time almost always hundreds of friendly sites have developed and developed a new way of making people feel easier in dealing with people.

As recorded on the statistics site, the Facebook site is the site that has the most comprehensive network of followers and invests in more than one billion seven million (1.7 Billion) ). But by visiting and viewing the Internet, the YouTube site that keeps moving pictures is watching a video over one billion times (105 Billion). estimates that more than $ 3.7 billion is used worldwide, indicating that almost half of the world’s population. In Nigeria more than 86 million people use the internet, as well as over 18 million people use Facebook.

When we look at its use of such sites, we see that they are used by promoting public awareness of what people do not know, or the policies of others. Also, these sites are also used to get information about individuals and their priorities.

They are used in cultural, social, social, religious, religious, religious, religious, and religious contexts.

So the expansion of the social media at this time strongly emphasized that people in the community should not be allowed to occupy their place of residence for their benefit. As Muslims do not have to have backdated the use of these sites to promote and defend their religious identity and the dignity of their people.

In the past, the Islamic world has been focusing on the potential of such mediators, and others look at its benefits and its effects. But the Islamic Ummah has already understood that it is good to be in this particular movement because at this time it is trying to honor Islam as a non-profit.

Islam and Modern Technology
In the past, Islam-related issues are found only in books, audio or video tape, indoors, mosques, academics, non-Muslims, or non-Muslims. He can find them unless they get to where they are.

You can now find all of these aspects of the Qur’an, Hadith, Sunnah, Sirah, Fiqh, and any other knowledge available on the internet. They can be found in Arabic, English, Hausa, English, English, and other languages ​​used by the people. You will also find such literacy in writing, in sound, or in motion-free, all on the internet.

Similarly all of these items we listed can be found in such sites as social media. We know millions of people now, both Muslims and non-Muslims now focus on the use of such literacy courses that we are introducing to know Islam and the truth about it, the attitudes, attitudes, and attitudes of the people that religion is in.

Distinguished Between Social Media and News Centers
In the past you need a lot of money when you have to place a reading or presentation on TV or Radio, which type of tracking should not reach those who are interested. The problem of carrying electricity now is enough for a person to lose the money he pays or the people he needs to receive this message. Looking forward to delivering this message limited to where you are, for instance, in Sokoto if he gives a statement on Sokoto Television, only to Sakkwato will we find someone else in the city.

If you want someone else to see you either send it to each state, or pay a large International Television Service, which is also a text message that has expired.

But when we come back from web sites, we do not have to connect them either to TV or Radio so long as the message or text message is not deleted, then if it returns it will be found.

Social media such as facebook which we recommend has more than 1.7b, over a few minutes if you submit a message or millions of people will receive, and will be viewed at any time and can send this message to their loved ones, their loved ones will also be able to see.

It is not necessary until the same time you post this message they will see, every time someone enters into his room you will see the message on who or what page you have put in place and if you touch this message will appear again it’s not a problem.

That is why one can not adjust the importance of modern social media and the latest news media.

Assigning Muslims to Islam on Earth after 9/11 attacks
Since the aftermath of the World Trade Center’s major attack on 11/9/2001, Muslims around the world have been in a very difficult situation, especially those living in Western countries.

More than 200,000,000 Muslims have been involved in investigations and abuses in the United States, over 18,000 Muslims were taken back to their cities, 15,000 Muslims were imprisoned and detained for allegedly abused .

Domestic labor decreased by 10 percent in the United States. Muslims are the last to act and are the first to begin their bid.

All search queries that started with the name of Muhammad or Ahmad did not come anywhere else, as other non-Muslims can not skip. An estimated 40% of Muslims in Brooklyn, New York, Chikago, and Devon Ave lost their jobs.

Nearly 75% of the Muslims in the United States would suffer someone who said he did not face any violence, injury, humiliation, or misery because of the attack.

The attacks led the United States to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan and fight terrorism around the world.

Newspapers and indoor films, TV stations, TVs, magazines, journals, and Internet sites have been instrumental in spreading propaganda that Islam is a religion of terrorism and a lack of peace.

The victory of Islam after 9/11
Despite such events and conflicts with Muslims in this United States, he did not discourage this religion from revolving, as it was written in an intriguing “The Wave of Conversion to Islam in the” US After September 11, “over 34,000 people in the United States adopted Islam after the 9/11 attacks.

The efforts made by Muslims in the United States and the resistance to changing the trade style and the authenticity of Islamic theology and writing on social media sites have helped to deepen Islam.

Islam is now the third largest religion in the United States, after Christianity and religion, and Islam is the most popular religion in the country today. There are now more than two thousand five hundred mosques above five mosques.

Prior to the Middle Ages, there is nothing to do with religion, many of whom are people who believe that there is nobody in the world who does not believe in Christianity or in Islam.

The type of writing that is online on the basis of Islamic teachings helps to increase the understanding of Islam and what religion it teaches.

Must have to enter social media

The presence of teachers is the most insistent on what people and their community should do. It is necessary that every professed professor be at least one of these prominent sites on the Internet to convey the divine message of Allah. .

The existence of these sites is a lot, and there are some things that teachers should know about being involved in religious misconduct and religious misconduct, lack of respect for people, and lack of self-control, as well as concealment and misuse of corruption.

The presence of one of the following points has made it necessary for teachers to participate in such sites for preaching and repairing properly.

The problem we face in such new situations is that the teacher decides in what he does not fully know, especially when he wants to correct things while he or she does not know this or never deal with it.

Workshop Training at Socail Media
The right to say: – One of the most popular in such sites is to say that everyone has the right to say what he or she wants to face or abuse. slander someone or seduce someone else’s religion.

It is here that teachers will work to tell their followers to speak in a way that is good for the people and to tell them that a Muslim is not free to speak whatever he wants, and there is no reason to It’s because you suggest someone else in your opinion that you say the right word. Islam comes with a skepticism of the tongue as a person knows that he will never fall.

Targeted Target: – Many young people and girls are involved in these sites for access and access to new friends and acquaintances. Among the most sensitive issues of humanity and social media is the lack of discipline that is being spread in, and it will be difficult to find that these kids are not affiliated with a site of a prominent religious scholar, or a group of good people who are alerting and responding to such bad habits.

Religious Violence: – This is one of the most common problems in the Internet and social media. Because there is no place where teachers should be quick to speak to Muslims in response to criticism of Islam or Prophet Mohammad.

When we look at the number of people on the internet especially the social media we will find that about 3 billion people, what do you think it will start when a person who does not share your religion gets upset about religion? ?

At this point it is important for teachers to come in to provide this protection wisely and provide sound evidence for the protection of this religion. In order to say that someone who lacks knowledge speaks in such a situation, then you will find that things that are missing are not worth it.

When we look at how foreign teachers, such as Zakir Nail, Yusuf Estes, Khalid Yasin and Muhammad Auwal, find out that whenever someone comes out of Islam and goes to the internet to attract attention their followers and the country will respond because it is possible for them to do so for Islamic and Islamic challenges.

Failure to Respect People: – If you are writing a text message on such social networks, you can find people who call themselves intelligent and find them doing things that are not respecting people or people’s opinions.

The social network is quite different from the point of view, wherever people are trying to explain it well, somebody must feel that they are being used in a different way, so you can get disrespectful of public opinion and talk about it. justice for a person who contradict one another.

Here teachers will be able to make changes in their teaching and teaching skills, and the scandal and slander that filled these homes.

Lack of Privacy: – When it comes to contentions that can not be said online or social media, although companies with these sites are trying to clean their pages from pornography or pornographic images.

Here teachers will be able to come in for a variety of ways, such as writing and preaching on their sites for the dangers of these unnecessary things.

Keeping a tongue and a pen on the internet
It is good for teachers to know that there is nothing more than the most popular internet or social media in the world, and this shows us that it is necessary for the teachers to know what to say when they are conducting their testimonies or preaching or a text that will not take any form or meaning.

No one will tell a good teacher, but just as you know that talking is just a bit, so it’s on the internet, everything you write millions of people can see in a short time and soon wad

One of the most prominent religious scholars and the late religious leader Muhammad Auwal said he called other scholars such as Yusuf Estes, Khalid Yasin, to write on the moral values ​​of Prophet Muhammad. That same month they had increased hundreds of Muslims who had never known Islam.

Whenever anybody is skeptical of Islam, even if Muslim claimants are trying to kill innocent people without cause, or suspect a teacher and terrorist media are trying to spread, sometimes at you feel that these newspapers do nothing else.

On the other hand, those who do not know or know about this religion or what this teacher is doing, are browsing the web sites to search for this issue, which is now being considered by them. Islam.

Pages that teachers should be in
The fact that these sites are many whose identity is unique to God, and not everyone is important and not everyone is in contact with it, let me choose the seven things that have been their teachers. join them to help deliver the message of God.

Website / Blog
The theme of the teacher’s theme of his favorite is most important because here you can find a textbook or a text message or a textbook. It’s owned by this site for many steps, including the name, room you store your personal information and the person who will create this page and see what to upload.

The facebook page is the most popular site, with about 1,800 people in Nigeria with around 18 million people, which is good for any teacher who has a facebook account and has and a demographic page (fan page).

Twitter twitter is also a site for teachers to focus on, which is the first microbloging web site that allows users to write less than 100 letters.

Youtube is a site that allows a person to copy video clips to his favorite cell phone, which is uploaded more than four hours a day,

Sound Cloud
Sond cloud is a source that allows the individual to grasp any type of reading in the sound

An internet connection that allows a person to write about it, his history, his reading, his position in life.

Wikipidia is a unique site for people’s ability to solve issues about education, issues that relate to another’s history.

As we now feel, it is good for teachers to understand that social media is very important to us, to use it to educate people on the subject of religious religion, to enhance religious freedom, and to enlighten the state of affairs. for the Muslim nation

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