Tips Solved – fix Windows sleep mode problem

Fix on this page applies to upgrading Windows 10 or maybe later versions on Windows 7, or 8.
Since my desktop windows were upgraded, the problem of sleeping began to begin. As soon as the computer sleeps once, it automatically puts itself on sleep mode in two minutes. I never tried sleep settings and power plants, standby, sleep, hubby, etc. settings, or always tried to change the control panel-> hardware and voice-power options but no use. The only computer is restarting, and then the problem has gone.

It’s very annoying because every computer needs to be logged in again and again after the computer. This problem happened after upgrading to Windows 8 a few years ago, but I could just remember that tweaking is ok to do something with registry settings. Re-found a quick search and registry solution. That’s why I will decide to note if I need it in the future.

If you have the same problem on your computer or laptop, try these fixes.

Fix #1. Wake up by power button

To take a computer with sleep, try using the power button on the computer. It works on my computer. If I have picked it up by moving the key pressure or mouse on the external keyboard, it’s not an activity, when it sleeps a minute or so, it’s not a perfect solution. In addition to this, some people can not practically practice it on the buttons on the laptop.

Fix #2. Fix registry (Note you must restart after changing these registry values)

This fix includes manual changes to registry settings for power planning. Before you, make sure you back up the registry first, you can restore it if you make something wrong.

The power settings in the registry are called “system non-sleep sleep timeout”, and are not available in the GUI on Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, or later versions. The only way to change them is manually editing the settings.

1) Open Registry Editor

Click the Start button, then click Run, type the register and enter enter. Alternatively, you can press Win Key + R, it brings the Run box, then type it in the radiator. If you do not see the start button in your Windows, download and install the classic shell.

2) In Registry Editor, navigate to the following registry subkey.


Each of the subkeys corresponds to one of the power plans.

381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e is for the Balanced plan.
8c5e7fda-e8bf-4a96-9a85-a6e23a8c635c is for the High performance plan.
a1841308-3541-4fab-bc81-f71556f20b4a is for the Power saver plan.

3) Change values in the ACSettingIndex and DCSettingIndex.

Click on every subtitle, you can see in the right fan of Registry Editor, each clause contains the ACSettingIndex and the DCSettingIndex value entry. The default price is 120 seconds where the computer is automatically known as sleep. You need to change it at high-time prices such as 1800 seconds (30 minutes), or set 0 to completely turn off features.

The ACSettingIndex is used when a computer is plugged into AC Power. DCSettingIndex is used when computer battery is on power.

To change the price, click the ACSettingIndex or DCSettingIndex to bring the small dialog box, then select Digital. In the Value data box, enter your desired value, then click OK and close the Registry Editor. Remember to restart your computer to allow changes to be affected.

For example:

at least

Fix #3. Constantly play a media in the background

If things still do not improve even after fixing the registry, you can record an audio or video file, then run the file in repeat your favorite media player again. This computer is busy with very little CPU consumption so the sleep mode never brings.

Happy fixing!

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